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Digital Transaction Security at – The speed of digital transactions is increasing, and most people are more aware of the digital payment system as a result. A digital transaction is a payment that is made anonymously or without using real money (cashless).

There are several digital payment methods available right now, including mobile banking, link aja, dana, gopay, ovo, shopee pay, and other services that just need the use of web-connected applications.

Penyebab semakin maraknya transaksi secara electronic or digital is that the government has long since neglected this particular digital transaction. In addition to the five steps for accelerating digital transformation that President Joko Widodo announced, one of them is to create a roadmap for digital transformation in strategic industries including trade and manufacturing.

In addition to that, the general public continues to benefit from numerous practical efficiencies brought about by digital transactions, such as the lack of cash transactions, which typically provide a sense of security on a physical level, as well as numerous promotions for smooth transactions, quick transactions, and products that are typically more comprehensive.

Nonetheless, despite the courtesy and courtesy that is shown, there are several instances when a kejahatan offender may use a piece of celah to threaten someone using an electronic transaction system.

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This is how to fix the digital transaction security issue:
kerahasiaan akun menjaga
Every user of a digital medium should create an account that is made up of their username and the password they will need to log in.

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Don’t give anybody your username or password for this account. This may be used by digital law enforcement personnel to disable accounts and get information from inside them in order to generate revenue for users.

Don’t give out the OTP code.
In addition, the On Time Password (OTP) code is a special code that is often given while logging into a particular application. Some terrorists use this OTP code to reassure users by calling them on the phone or asking them to leave a voicemail that would prompt them to provide the code later. In light of this, it is important to be aware that there may be people who want to use the account that is being used if an OTP code is received by SMS or another application without being verified.

Using a strong password and completely changing your pin or password
Every account used for digital transactions must have a password and a pin; this password must be changed often. This action is used to deter password guessers or potential terrorists from using the password they were given.

The application password may be changed securely to make an account more secure. Moreover, when creating passwords, use ones that are strong. This is done to ensure that the passwords created have very high levels of encryption, making it difficult for hackers to decipher them.

Hati hati when starting the application
Do not hesitate to install applications that are currently available from trusted sources, such as the playstore for Android or the appstore for iPhone. There are several non-resmi applications outside of this area that are condemned for using illicit material.

The application in question has likely been removed or replaced with a tool that can protect private data on a device. In addition to that, avoid visiting bahaya sites when playing in the mayan world since they often have several bahaya programs that may protect private data.

Mengactivate transaction notifications
This is done in order to understand any transactions that take place without the user’s knowledge. As a matter of fact, every application that is used to carry out a particular digital transaction has a notification feature that alerts the user when a transaction is taking place. If you get a message that says “curigakan,” immediately change your weak password to access your account.

Don’t make it too easy for other people to understand you, and always express your curiga with information that will cause curiga.
A malicious link caused people’s perceptions of trust to become clouded. Yet another person who shared the link was a well-known and trustworthy individual. Nevertheless, refrain from clicking the link given since it might be used by a malicious party to protect the owner’s account’s transactional data.

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Amnesty International transacts in some way online. I hope I can help and that you keep going to always be mindful.

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